The main complaint about cocktails these days is that they’re pretentious. This image is only perpetuated when they’re served by a bunch of seemingly elitist bearded bartenders (people are always compelled to point out the beards) who obsess over antiquated drinks that cost the price of an entree and ultimately suck all the fun out of going to a bar in the first place. Or something along those lines.

People wonder, what’s so damn important about these archaic cocktails? Who cares?

Despite being in this profession, I have to admit it’s a fair question. Why indeed take something that is frivolous at heart seriously?

Today cocktail hour seems to have been dropped from most routines, which is a shame. I love the notion of setting aside an hour everyday to relax, reflect, and bask in a moment of leisure. Of course such an hour doesn’t necessarily have to be done with a cocktail in hand, but I can’t imagine how supplementing it with a deftly made Manhattan doesn’t enhance the experience.

So sure, some cocktail bartenders today take themselves a little too seriously. For most of us, it’s not that we’re overly serious, it’s that we genuinely care.

So in FLOW we will start our own tradition of free flow cocktails on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Free flow cocktails from 6 pm until 11 pm for only IDR 249.000++ per pax. Join us. Start our own tradition.